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An exciting destination for all things Lamb.

Lamb. Tasty Easy Fun is an EU co-funded campaign.

This is the place for you to find out everything you need to know about lamb. 

From quick and easy seasonal recipes from some of the best chefs designed to spice up your everyday menu, to helpful hints on which cuts to choose when you're at the butchers' counter, it's all here!

You can also learn about the vital role that sustainable sheep farming plays in the economy by supporting rural communities across England, Ireland and France.

As being financed with aid from the EU, this campaign is the result of a close collaboration between three food and farming boards from the UK, Ireland and France.

Irish Food Board is the statutory Irish food, drink and horticulture industry's trade development and promotion organisation, founded in 1994. Our priorities are focused on building Ireland's reputation as a world leader in safe sustainable agriculture and food production with a premium positioning in the marketplace; enhancing competitiveness by supporting innovation and building capabilities; building exports in selected high potential export markets; and supporting a vibrant home market. In 2012, Bord Bia launched Origin Green - a comprehensive sustainability development programme to build the brand reputation of Ireland's food and drink industry.


AHDB Beef and Lamb is the organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England. We exist to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English beef and lamb sector. Our aims are:

  • To help the beef and sheep meat supply chain become more efficient
  • To add value to the beef and sheep meat industry.


Interbev is the French national interprofessional association for livestock and meat. It was founded on 9 October 1979 by organisations representing the livestock and meat sector and officially recognised by decree on the 18th November 1980 as a meat and livestock interprofessional body. Our role is to defend and promote the common interests of farming and industrial, artisanal and commercial activities within the sector.