Lamb – so easy, so good, for everyday


Lamb doesn’t necessarily mean a roast leg on a Sunday or other leisure-filled days. Its subtle, delicious flavour, as well as the variety of its cuts, make it a versatile meat for all kinds of cooking to be enjoyed any day of the week. Its devotees will tell you that there are a thousand and one ways to cook and enjoy lamb, not limited only to chops − even though they’re always a favourite with adults and kids alike. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never get bored with lamb, either in the kitchen or at the table! Whether you’re trying traditional recipes that are firm favourites, or fashionable and exotic dishes, there’s something for all skills and all tastes.  
Now is the time to discover lamb like you’ve never tasted it before!!!

Try simple everyday meals,  daring new recipes, or simply enjoy tasting lamb in a different way every day. The clice is endless: chops, steaks, chunks, sliced, diced or minced, not to forget mini-roasts.

The smaller cuts of lamb (such as chops) will keep for two days, or in accordance with the ‘use by date’ shown on the packaging, if bought off the shelf in a retail outlet. The bigger cuts keep for up to 4 days, in the coldest compartment of the refrigerator (0° to 2°C), ideally in its original packaging for optimal storage. Minced meat must be consumed on the day of purchase, or in accordance with the ‘use by date’ shown on the packaging. Aluminium foil and airtight containers should be avoided as they alter the colour and smell of the meat. 

Lamb can be easily stored in the freezer for between 6 and 8 months if frozen on the day of purchase, or in accordance with the best before date for ready-frozen products. Defrosting time in the refrigerator is 3 hours for smaller cuts like chops, 12 hours for medium-sized cuts like rack, and 24 hours for larger cuts like leg. Defrosting in a microwave is also possible, adjusting time and power to the size of the piece. In all cases, lamb must not be defrosted at room temperature and must be cooked as soon as possible.

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